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Imagine being motivated to exercise, making healthy eating choices, and losing weight and keeping it off… 

When you struggle with weight loss and have tried diet after diet only to gain the weight back, you may be wondering –

“I do well on a diet until I’m stressed. Is there some way to help me get past this?”

“Why can’t I just stick to my exercise and diet program?”

“How can I get more out of my weight loss program?”

Hypnosis for weight loss is proven to help you lose more weight than diets alone, and boosts your motivation to stay with your healthy lifestyle changes and exercise programs, permanently.

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There are many reasons why you might struggle with weight loss. Not the least of these is subconscious limiting beliefs. You can try diet after diet but if you feel they really won’t work, then they won’t. If you unconsciously feel like you can’t or shouldn’t reach and stay at your ideal weight, then you won’t. If you are using your weight as protection, or for attention, then you probably won’t succeed with your weight loss plans. All of these limiting beliefs are rooted in your subconscious. That is where hypnosis comes in to address the root cause of your challenge within your subconscious.


Actually making healthy lifestyle choices instead of feeling guilty

Ending the struggle with bad habits that you just can’t seem to break

Finally having freedom from limiting beliefs and self-destructive patterns

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Weight loss hypnosis is completely different from any other diet and exercise therapy available. When you diet, you make a conscious decision to eat less or eat differently. Maybe you decide you will incorporate an exercise program into your diet plans. These are very good changes to make, however, you may find that when you experience stress, or are bored or busy, you fall right back into your normal habits.

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How to Lose Weight with Hypnosis in NYC New York and Queens

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To be successful, you have to train your mind to seek healthy ways to deal with stress, boredom, anxiety, and the hectic pace of a busy life. You’ve probably spent a great deal of your life programming your mind to expect comfort foods when things are hectic or you are stressed, so, no matter how good your intentions are, until you retrain your mind to expect something different, its going to push you right back to your old habits. Hypnosis changes this by retraining your mind to crave different, healthy options in tough times.

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Your hypnotist can train your mind to crave long walks, an energizing workout, or even a hot bath in times of emotional stress, instead of fast food, or snacks. Hypnosis for weight loss can also remove deep seeded issues, like the discomfort you may feel if you don’t clean your plate, because maybe you were brought up to believe you must always eat everything on your plate.

Weight loss hypnosis can be used alone or incorporated with other types of therapy to help you reach your weight loss and exercise goals. In just a few sessions, you can be free from food addictions, bad eating habits, and low motivation, and finally start enjoying a new, healthy, positive, and permanent lifestyle changes.

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